Why is my Phone Moving So Slow

Why Is My Phone Moving So Slow

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Top Reasons Why Your Phone is Moving So Slow, and The Permanent Solutions.

Having a new mobile phone can be fun and fulfilling. But this amazing experience might turn sour in a few months when you realize that your phone isn’t as fast as it used to when you got it.

You will begin to wonder what went wrong. Particularly if you don’t have lots of files or apps installed on the phone.

The truth about the problem is that it’s not peculiar to low budget phones. The experiences are also the same when using some high-end phones and gadgets.

Fortunately, whether for low-budget devices, high-end gadgets, and newer or old phones, we have put together some working tips and tricks to help you speed up your phone and get it back to shape.

Top Reasons Your Phone is Moving so Slow

A mobile phone is synonymous with a mini-computer and just like computers, they suffer from several issues and challenges. The slowing down of a mobile phone can be caused by any or a combination of the following;

  • Opening and running so many programs or apps at a time.
  • Having insufficient storage space for your kind of phone operations.
  • Running an outdated OS on your phone.
  • Having an aging or a weak battery.
  • Allowing your device to get too hot.

How to Stop Your Phone From Moving So Slow and Speed It Up

Irrespective of the differences between iOS, Windows, Android, and other devices, the process of speeding up slow phones is similar. Here are some general tips and tricks to help you bring back your phone in shape.

#1. Find the Root Cause of the Problem

The first thing you may want to do is to find out what is causing the problem. It could be an app, your battery, or even the entire operating system.

A mobile app such as Trepn Compiler by Qualcomm generates and displays individual app performance and also an overview of network traffic.

You can rely on the analysis of the generated data to figure out the specific problem with an app.

#2. Free Up Some Storage Space

Installing lots of apps and capturing several pictures and videos can take a toll on the performance of your phone in the long run.

Filling up your phone storage will not allow your phone to have the needed memory/storage facility to open and run some apps and features. In addition, insufficient memory space can make your phone to start moving so slow

Head to your phone storage settings and try to free up some space by uninstalling dormant apps. In addition, try to clear the cache of some apps such as social media apps that accumulate data in the cache over time.

Also, delete or move some photos and videos to another storage device like a computer or external hard drive.

#3. Disable Some Widgets to Stop Your Phone From Moving So Slow

While there is nothing wrong with having some widgets plastered on your phone screen, you must consider that they do take their fair share of resources.

Although having these widgets can be fun. But you must be selective to disable the unnecessary widgets since running lots of app at a time can drastically slow down your device.

#4. Disable Unnecessary Animations and Extras

Depending on the launcher or phone configurations, you may discover that your phone has got some aminations, live wallpaper, and extra graphics enabled by default.

At first, these animations may be fun and beautiful but they always take a chunk of your phone, battery, CPU, and memory which in turn slows down your device.

Find the setting configuration if your launcher or phone and disable some of these extras. I am sure that you might be able to boost your phone speed and performance with just that singular act.

#5. Close Some Apps to Free Up Space

Multi-tasking can be fun and make work easy on smartphones and, gadgets, but when not used properly, it can task your phone into moving so slow.

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You can quickly free up space by intermittently closing apps and programs that are not being used by simply calling the app and swiping away over it.

#6. Avoid Third Party Task Killers or Phone Cleaners

Installing a third-party task killer or cleaner might seem like a good idea for phone resource management. In reality, these apps tend to do more harm than good in the long run.

Ordinarily, default android resource management apps do a good job at keeping the phone in optimal performance. So installing another third-party app will only increase your phone boot time and consume battery energy.

On the other hand, you should also be concerned with your security and privacy before installing any third-party phone management app.

#7. Restart Your Phone to Stop it From Moving So Slow

A very quick and easy fix is to restart your phone. Restarting your phone can kill tasks, stop the running of unnecessary apps and clear cache.

On some phones like Samsung, you can even schedule a routine device restart to automatically restart your phone on scheduled days.

For more, I have scheduled my Samsung A30s smartphone to restart every Sundays by 3 pm. This is one of the things I do to prevent my phone from moving so slow.

#8. Make Sure To Update Your Phone OS When Necessary

Do you belong to the category of phone users that swipe away notifications for phone OS update? If yes, then you must stop such attitude and update your phone immediately.

Phone updates do not only contain new features but also bug fixes that enhance phones performance and speed.

You should make sure that your phone is running on the latest version of software to keep your device in its best shape.

#9. Carry Out Further Checks to Stop Your Phone From Moving So Slow

In some cases, you may want to keep a close tab on the apps and how they use your phone resources. You can monitor your battery, RAM, and CPU usage under phone settings to know how a particular app affects your phone.

#10. Keep Your Phone Temperature Down

Allowing your phone to get hot can affect it in so many ways. Raising the phone temperature can drastically affect your phone battery and processing speed.

Nowadays, some phones are equipped with sensors and warming features to alert you as soon as your phone’s temperature goes up above normal.

You should avoid storing or operating your mobile devices or gadgets in environments with extreme weather conditions that can affect its performance. Doing this can prevent your phone from moving so slow.

#11. Reset Phone to Factory Reset

The factory reset has always been that fix when a phone is moving so slow. But this method should be your last resort.

The consequence of using the factory reset option is that you will lose all your phone data. If you have tried all the tips above, then you should consider backup your data and contact before resetting the phone.