Pornographic Virus Alert from Microsoft – Complete Removal Guide

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What is the Pornographic Virus Alert from Microsoft?

Pornographic virus alert from Microsoft is simply a disguised popup that targets computer users who visit porn or dating websites. Telling them that their computers have been hacked.

While this might appear strange, it is very important to state that this pop-up is not in any way related to Microsoft. It is a means devised by internet fraudsters to extort money to ignorant computer users that surf the internet.

We strongly recommend against interacting with such pop-ups. Once prompted with such intrusions, quickly close it and continue with surfing the net without distractions.

Pornographic Virus Alert from Microsoft and the Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple are Scams

The virus alert from Microsoft is a scam message targeted to Microsoft OS users who visit porn sites. Telling them that the site contains some virus, and to call a fake support-line for assistance. The common helplines are (888) 732-1022, (888) 731-102, or any other number.

These messages come as pop-ups on internet browsers. For example Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and the likes of them.

For emphasis sake, the pop-up has nothing to do with Microsoft. It is just a way of extorting money from unsuspecting and gullible users all in the name of offering tech support.

Sample pup-up message for Microsoft OS users.

This computer has been LOCKED
Do not close this window or restart your computer without calling support
We have locked this computer for your security
you have been browsing unsafe pornographic websites.
Your computer has been infected.
Contact the Microsoft helpline to reactive your computer.
Failure to call will result in a notice being sent to your residence.
Microsoft Security Tollfree:

Microsoft Support Alert
We Have Detected A Virus From A Pornographic Website
It might corrupt your data and track your financial activities.
Please report this activity to (888) 731-1022

On the other hand, the Pornographic virus alert from Apple is very similar to its Microsoft counterpart. They take advantage of the fact that most people reckon with known brands and companies. Thereby disguising as these popular companies to make false claims to ignorant and gullible users.

Sample pup-up message of the Pornographic Virus Alert from Apple

This computer is BLOCKED
Do not close this window and restart your computer
Your computer’s registration key is Blocked.
Why we blocked your computer?

The mac’s registration key is illegal.
our mac is using pirated software.
This mac is sending virus over the internet.
This mac is hacked or used undefined location.
We block this computer for your security.
Contact apple helpline to reactivate your computer.

The Associated Risk and Dangers

Clicking and interacting with the pornographic virus alerts can expose you to several risks if not handled or prevented.

We recommend that you get rid of the pornographic virus alert as soon as possible. Because these alerts can cause unwanted and unnecessary redirects to scam websites.

Also, you may become a victim of identity theft. The virus creates an opportunity for hackers to gain remote access to your computer or device.

The developers of this malicious application can install unwanted and bogus software on your computer. And then request you to pay a premium resulting in money loss.

Finally, hackers can use the pornographic virus alert to gain access to your personnel information. And use it for blackmail and other related campaigns targeted to embarrass a victim.

How Do I Avoid Becoming A Victim?

According to tech and computer experts. Malicious software can find their way to your computer when you fail to exercise caution while surfing the net.

Apart from the protection offered by anti-virus programs and internet security. You must be careful not to grant unwanted malware access to your computer system. To ensure an airtight security practice, you should do the following:

  • Avoid visiting websites with questionable intents and identities. These untrusted websites promote malicious hyperlinks and ads disguised as appealing offers.
  • Install only applications from trusted software developers and avoid downloading and installing third-party applications especially through the internet.
  • Pay rapt attention to details and observe due diligence when installing any application. Never skip any process just to save time.
  • Purchase and install any of the known brands of antivirus programs. Having an antivirus program installed on your computer is one of the best ways of protecting your computer and personal. This anti-virus blocks malicious programs even without you noticing.

How do I get rid of Microsoft virus alert?

There is a possibility that your PC has being infected by the pornographic virus alert from Microsoft or Apple before you are able to implement the preventive measures.

When this happens, then the only option will be to get rid of the malware as soon as possible.

  • As a victim, you must take action by removing the scam pop-up from your internet browsers. And uninstall any suspicious internet browser plugin or extensions.
  • Install an anti-malware software to detect and remove these viruses if they have infested your PC.
  • In addition, you can manually uninstall any unwanted program from the control panel of your computer.

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