How to Change Reddit Username

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Simple Ways to Change Reddit Username

Reddit as one of the most popular sites in the United States is a collection of several forums where people can share information, comments, and other posts.

Reddit community allows users and visitors to interact and if any spamming or fraudulent activity is in any detected, then such user will be penalized.

With the growing trend of spammers and their acts, Reddit has made several but necessary changes to put these fraudulent activities in check and preserve the quality of the online forum.

Many users on Reddit have continually asked tons of questions about some of the features of the social media giant. But, in this article, we will focus on how to change your username on Reddit as well as the display name.

So if by chance you have been searching for answers on how to perform such change on your Reddit account, then here are some important tips;

What Is a Reddit Username and Display Name?

A Reddit username is a unique identifier for your account. It is used to access your account when logging in. While on the other and, a display name is a name visible to the general public.

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Unlike the display name which is made public, the username remains private and cannot be changed. However, there are some available options available for you to try if you must change your username.

How Do I Reset My Username?

Making changes to your Reddit account details can imply changing either your unique username or display name. Although, the changing of username is common yet on Reddit, yet you can do a reset in the event where you forget it. To perform this operation, follow the following step;

  • Find the signup mail sent to you by Reddit during registration and open the email verification link.
  • You will find your old username there. Follow on the link to be redirected to your account.

Reddit continues to receive tons of requests and inquiries on how to change the username. Unfortunately, a username cannot be changed once selected by a user. This measure is used for verification purposes and to reduce or eliminate cybercrime and fraud on the forum.

How Do I Change My Display Name?

If you mean to change your public display name, then this shouldn’t be an issue as it is very easy and straightforward.

  • To change your Reddit display name, go to settings.
  • Click on customize profile on the bottom left corner of your profile.
  • You will be redirected to a new page. Go ahead and edit your name and save.

How Do I Change My Snapchat Username on Reddit?

It is a known fact that Snapchat does not allow a username change due to some reason bothering on security. Notwithstanding, Snapchat users have not ceased to seek for ways to change their username.

And that will lead us to the million-dollar question which is, is it possible to change your Snapchat username on Reddit?

The answer is an absolute yes. Follow me, and I will reveal how you can this in simple steps using the Reddit app.

  • On the Reddit app, tap the gear icon on the top right.
  • Select your account, click your account and enter any preferred name, and hit save.

Finally, the take point here is that you should be mindful of your choice of username when opening a Reddit account.

While username change can be possible on some social platforms such as Instagram, Reddit usernames remain permanent once taken.