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Best IO Games: 12 Addicting Games to Play When Bored

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Searching for free, fun games for your browser? Here are the best io games to play now or when you are bored.

With tons of games available out there, trust me finding and choosing the best game to play can be a daunting task.

The “.io” extension stands for British Indian Ocean Territory. Io games provide real-time multiplayer and light gaming platforms even for the oldest hardware available.

Io games require fewer system resources such as memory, CPU speed to run. All you need is your internet browser and an internet connection.

They are addicting games. Also, they are games to play when bored especially now that almost the whole world is at home because of the COVID19 pandemic.

As mentioned earlier, selecting the right game to play from the pool of io games available can be time-consuming and stressful. Due to this reason, we have collected 12 best io games out there. – Best IO Games

Best IO Games
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If you the type that love to the pilot in charge then is could be the game you are looking for. The flight simulation game allows you to fly around an aircraft and attacking your opponents.

While you aim at shooting down the aircrafts of your enemies down the sky, you will also dodge their incoming missiles and bullets.

In addition, the game is a multiplayer platform that connects you with other players in different locations of the world. As a player, you can give your aircraft a unique name and enhance its strength by collecting points and weapons.

As one of the best io games when it comes to flight simulation, you can either play it on your computer, phone or tablet. – Best IO Games

Best IO Games
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One of the most played and the best io games available so far. On the gaming platform, you either eat your opponents or be eaten by them.

The multiplayer starts small at first like microorganisms. They grow by eating up smaller opponents to gain size and strength.

Eventually, you get bigger to be able to swallow larger enemies. The process is usually like a chase as you try to evade being eating while eating up others. The game is simple but tense. It has also been featured in an episode of House of Cards. – Best IO Games

Best IO Games
Image Source: is another amazing fight game, the player battles for survival and supremacy controlling fighter tanks. To survive you must destroy obstacles and enemy tanks.

As you gain points, you can upgrade and enhance your tank to a better and agile monster capable of destroying enemies in seconds. allows several playing modes such as free-for-all, team battles, and more and it is a highly accessible browser game. – Best IO Games

Best IO Games
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Just as the name implies, is simply brutal. To survive, players crush each other to death with a massive spinning ball. is a good example of addicting games.

For a start, you will attack your opponents using a small ball attached to your player. By racing around the map, you gather food to slowly increase your size and also your attacking-ball.

To defeat and kill opponents, you will be needing a combination of spin, planning, and some luck. No doubt, it is one of the best io games. – Best IO Game

Best IO Games
Image Source: is an interesting and engaging io game. In the game, you are in the form of a dark hole trying to swallow practically everything on your way.

To conquer, you must have to swallow other players, trees, cars, or any obstacle on the way. The more things you swallow, the bigger you become.

When trying to swallow things on your way, care must be taken not to swallow a bigger object that is capable of causing a blockage. Also, you must be mindful of other bigger black holes that can swallow you up. – Addicting IO Game

Image Source: is a 3D io game and that is part of the reasons it made the list of the best io games. The bots have an impressive built and design while the game is rendered in an amazing and addicting environment.

You can upgrade your bots as well as a switch or select any bot of your choice to play with. But unlike on other io games, it takes a bit longer when loading and offers minimal gameplay modes.

You also have the option of training before the main action or learning by trial and error. – Very Addicting

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With a samurai sword, you can slice your opponents into pieces playing on You slash by simply clicking, and flee from danger by pressing W on your keyboard.

When playing this game, timing is critical since you have to outsmart and slash your opponents’ throat at any given opportunity.

In order for your character to slash again, your sword has to return to the side it started. So you have to be careful not to waste your moves. is an addicting and enjoyable game, you will likely find yourself coming back for more once you start. – Very Addicting

Image Source: is a very simple and light io game. It is intuitive with beautiful designs. Playing as a worm you brow bigger into a snake by eating ball-like objects to gain more size. Each time you eat the balls, you grow longer and bigger. – Very Interesting Game

Image Source: allows a player to select from the cache of weapons and armors in the quest to hunt military shooters down in a maze of barriers and passages.

Each weapon presents its own advantages and disadvantages, therefore a player must balance between mobility and protection to survive. offers gaming modes such as free-for-all, team, death-match, and domination modes. – Colourful and Interesting

Image Source: is one of the most relaxing and addiction io games available, it is all about creating your own paper empire. Using the WASD keyboard buttons or the arrow keys you can move around as create the largest area possible with paper.

While you create your own area with colorful papers, you outrun other players by encroaching into their unused spaces.

The only drawback of this game is that you can mistakenly run down yourself by running into your paper trail. But apart from that, the game is an addicting io game and slow fast-paced. – Adventurous Game

Image Source: the game for anyone who loves to explore underwater. You can play the game by simply choosing the fish that appeals or represents your styles and commence your adventure in the sea.

Depending in the fish, you can have access to their difference behavioral characteristics. For instance a clownfish can hide to evade an attack and possible damage.

You will have to figure out the best fish that suits you, although at some level when you gain some points, you can switch to any fish.

Unfortunately, like other mention io games, it does not allow varieties of modes, but it’s one of the games to play when bored. – Brain Tasking

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Are you looking for a game that does not require you to kill or be killed then is the best io game for you.

This is a creative game that requires you to think ahead and fast. While a player takes a turn to draw objects or anything, others try to guess what it is that the player is drawing.

Gartic take records of individual player’s score. It is also a language-driven game as you can play in any language of your choice. It is definitely one of the games to play when bored.

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